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Unimportant. Never meant to have a decent one, let alone a great one. Something ALWAYS happens. Not this year. Im letting this shit pass through, cuz clearly it is unimportant that everytime i try to do something for it life would slap me in the face and be like, NAH BITCH!

Tired of it.


In every literature that I have read, the main pattern is that the man falls in love with a beautiful woman. A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. A beauty which no other woman can ever compare to because her beauty is beyond words.

And I don’t think I can ever obtain that. No matter how hard I try at it, I will never get that reaction from the person that I am looking for.

I can spend MORE THAN AN HOUR getting myself ready and try my hardest to make myself look amazing and when I think I am ready I go out to him and even have to question him “How do I look?”

Why can’t I ever just get a reaction from him where I could possibly take his breath away? Or at least a different reaction other than “Oh, you look good.”

Why is it so hard to acquire this beauty? I am not trying to be vain but I just don’t know how to do it and it is making me more and more upset to know that I can never do that to him…

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